Animals in the zoo

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DonVito’s Children’s Colouring Book 2 „Animals in the Zoo“ contains numerous beautiful animal motifs of zoo animals, which are particularly well-known and popular with children. When colouring in, the little ones learn in a playful way what the animals look like and can colour in the animals and their surroundings themselves.

The colouring book starts with simpler motifs of zoo animals, which are easy for small children to get started with. As the number of pages increases, the motifs become more interesting, more extensive and more challenging, so that each new page ensures new progress and a recurring sense of achievement for the little artists.

Ideal for creative colouring at home or as learning and activity material for crèches, nurseries, kindergartens etc.

The colouring book contains the following motifs

The colouring book „Animals in the Zoo“, created with love, contains the following motifs: Mummy elephant with baby elephant, antelope, leopardess with cub, tiger, lion couple, zebra with foal, polar bear mother with baby polar bear, rhinoceros, Bactrian camel, king penguins, pelican, parrots, three-fingered sloth, wildebeest, flamingo, hippos, tapir, brown bear, panda bear, crocodile, meerkat, sea lion, koala bear, giraffes, gorilla, chimpanzee, orang-utan and a wolf.

Examples of motifs from the „Animals in the zoo“ colouring book“