Colouring books in the paediatric hospital

Employment opportunity to support the healing process

Child in hospital bed colours in colouring book

Children who have to be treated in a paediatric clinic or hospital are not only burdened by their illness, but also by separation from their parents, pain, fear of treatment, boredom, loneliness and the lack of familiar surroundings and social contacts.

A good activity such as colouring in a colouring book effectively helps the child to relax, feel less lonely and cope better with the challenges of everyday hospital life in unfamiliar surroundings. Colouring books also have the advantage that they offer long-term entertainment value at a low cost.

An exciting and lovingly designed colouring book can help the child to recover more quickly and support their recovery. It is therefore important that children in hospital or paediatric clinics have access to good activities that meet their needs and interests.

Proven therapeutic effects

Colouring books are an excellent activity for children in hospitals and clinics. The therapeutic effect of colouring has been proven many times, and children who are in an unfamiliar and often anxiety-inducing environment such as a hospital can particularly benefit from this activity.

Colouring also allows children to express their feelings and thoughts in a creative way. It gives them the opportunity to relax and distract themselves while improving their art skills. At the same time, the proudly presented painting result has a positive effect on the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

In a paediatric clinic, where young patients often have to spend long periods of time and can become bored, colouring books are therefore an excellent way to relieve boredom and make the time more enjoyable. It offers the children a welcome break from the hospital bed and medical treatments.

Interface to medical staff

Colouring in a colouring book can also help to improve the relationship between the children and the medical staff. Staff can talk to the young patients about their artwork and encourage them to talk about their feelings and fears. This can contribute to a positive and supportive environment that aids the child’s healing process.

Actively involve parents in the healing process

Colouring books can also be a way to involve parents in the treatment and healing process. By colouring together with their children, parents can spend an enjoyable and relaxing time together and strengthen their bond.

Overall, colouring books are a wonderful way to engage children in hospitals and clinics and bring them comfort and joy. They encourage creative self-expression, support the healing process and help to create a positive and supportive environment. DonVito’s colouring books Farm Adventure and Animals in the Zoo are ideal for this.