Farm Adventure

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With DonVito’s children’s colouring book 1 „Farm Adventure“, little ones can colour in cows, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, goats, dogs and cats and learn what the animals look like in a playful way. The colouring book also contains many other motifs on the subject of farms, agricultural equipment, crops and people..

The first few pages contain simple farm motifs that can be easily coloured in by any toddler. As the number of pages increases, the motifs become more exciting, more extensive and more challenging, so that the little ones feel a sense of progress and a recurring sense of achievement with each new page.

Ideal for creative colouring at home or as learning and activity material for crèches, nurseries, kindergartens etc.

Farm motifs included in the colouring book

The colouring book “ Farm Adventure“, created with love, contains the following motifs: Sheep with lamb, hens with chicks, piglet, foal, dog & cat, cow with calf, goat in the meadow, rooster in the meadow, horse in the meadow, bull in the flower meadow, corn on the cob, sunflower, pumpkins, boy harvesting potatoes, pear tree, apple tree, wheat field, bales of straw in the field, farmer and farmer’s wife, tractor, combine harvester, old farmhouse, farmer’s wife with child and guard dog as well as a storage silo with barn and tractor.

Examples of motifs from the „Adventure Farm“ colouring book