DonVitos children’s colouring books for creative kids

The two colouring books “ Farm Adventure“ and „Animals in the Zoo“ serve as a meaningful entertainment and activity option with a simultaneous learning effect for children aged 3 and over. They are basically equally suitable for colouring at home and in educational institutions (e.g. crèches, kindergartens, schools, etc.).

Both colouring books are not only fun, but also encourage children’s creativity and fine motor skills. When colouring, they have to concentrate on the colours and also train their hand-eye coordination. They can also let their imagination run wild and come up with their own ideas on how they would like to colour the animals, plants and other motifs in the environment.

Colour in motifs

The first few pages contain simple motifs that can be easily coloured in by any toddler. As the number of pages increases, the motifs become more exciting, more extensive and more challenging, so that the little ones experience progress and a recurring sense of achievement with each new page.

Image video – DonVitos children’s colouring books

This video is also available on YouTube.

Facts about the colouring books

Both books are published in 20.96 x 20.96 cm format. Standard wooden colouring pencils or felt-tip pens are best suited for creative colouring. For the latter, the pages are only printed on one side to prevent colouring through. Nevertheless, it is advisable to place an underlay (e.g. a blotting sheet or similar) under the page.